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Zanni Men's Shoes

Our craftsmanship Made in Italy

Zanni means Italian luxury handmade shoes.

Zanni makes high quality leather shoes, according to the Italian style and artisan tradition. 

Our precious product is constantly monitored by Designer Barbara Zanni in collaboration with our team, every our products is made with care and high professionalism of Italian know how ! Our creation are the clearest guarantee of craftsmanship of a shoe sewn layer by layer.


Every leather for the production of our men’s shoes is selected by our prestigious Italian tanneries, calf leather for the upper, insole, midsole, sole and heel are exclusively in Italian leather. We maintain the craftsmanship of the past while respecting traditions, creating a perfect combination of innovation and Italian style.

The manufacturing process of these italian luxury handmade shoes is entrusted to the expert hands of our Italian artisans who create our product with care and passion; the insole, the midsole of our shoe is entirely in leather, both are sewn on the upper leather, then everything is assembled with a second seam on sole leather and inserted the leather heel. In addition, the construction inside the padded insole in removable memory foam (fussbett) for additional comfort.

For the finishing of our shoes, in addition to the use of Saphir polishing waxes, in our Italian laboratory in collaboration with our chemists we make moisturizing creams for our leather, each color mixture to then dye our calf by hand and an innovative product which consists in making the finished shoe impermeable to water drops and protects the calf from the wear and tear of time.


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