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Our identity: a history of handmade shoes of Italian prestige


The Zanni brand was founded by the talent, experience and creativity of the designer Barbara Zanni . Barbara was born in Rome, Italy on 6 July 1974 and comes from a family of artisan in the bespoke sector. She alwais has been attracted and fascinated by all that is glamor in the style of distinguishing herself, in color and originality. When she was 15 years old, while continuing with her studies, she began working in the family business that has owned 3 boutiques in Rome since 1975.

Always present in the world of fashion in the European capitals; Paris, London, Madrid, Milan and Florence. She has acquired work experience and has grown professionally, has exploited her natural talent, her emotions which she often feels simply by looking at a color, someone who walks with charm and elegance, or even reading a sentence.

Barbara has therefore decided to satisfy these emotions with great commitment, putting everything in black and white with enthusiasm and has decided to create men’s shoes with the aim of proposing the entity and quality of Italian leather shoes Made in Italy, keeping the craftsmanship of the past and respecting the traditions of the past, creating a perfect combination of innovation and Italian style. The main objective of the Zanni brand is to satisfy the customer and show the true Italian craftsmanship and the whole team of which the Zanni brand is composed today, with commitment and enthusiasm, daily responding to the required needs and providing a product of quality, prestige and exclusivity . Due to the rigorous selection of the Zanni company, only high quality Italian materials, leathers and all materials selected, entrusting the production of each individual creation to expert hands of artisans from the Marche region.